Identifying and Recovering From Google Penalties: Interview With Brian McDowell by @johnrampton

As part of our SEJ interview series, Brian McDowell of Conductor discusses how to recover from Google penalties. A lot of sites are getting hit with penalties lately as Google cracks down on negative SEO. Website owners want answers and Brian is here to provide them. You have to identify first whether it’s a filtered penalty or a manual action and then decide how to Read More →

Avoiding Penalties From Google?s Penguin Update: Interview With Russ Jones by @johnrampton

As part of our SEJ interview series, Russ Jones of Virante  discusses how to avoid penalties from Google’s Penguin algorithm update. After Penguin 2.1 came out, Russ’s company Virante came out with something called the Open Penguin Data project to gain more insight about this algorithm update to help SEOs and website owners. There’s no easy solution to avoiding penalties from Penguin, or recovering from Read More →

The Real Future of Social is Search by @

I?m sure a lot of people would argue that it?s the other way around – that search?s future is social. Either way, the two fields are converging, and with billions of dollars riding on them, it?s going to be important to address the two as a dynamic duo. To understand why the future of social is search, let?s look at why search has been turning Read More →

7 Essential Apps for Collaborating Remotely by @kevanlee

Today, digital marketers are ditching the cubicle for coffee shops, kitchen tables, or any quiet corner. Working remotely is fast becoming the new way to work. So how can you do it effectively? Collaboration will remain an essential part of digital marketing, no matter where across the globe your co-workers may be working. Fortunately, there are many tools that adequately replace the standard functions of Read More →

Life of an SEO: Before, After & Beyond Penguin 2.1 [Infographic]

Penguin 2.1 algorithm updates from Google have taken the SEO world by storm! Professionals dealing with optimisation have to rethink their strategies to incorporate the new inputs and changes. How much have things changed in the SEO scenario post Penguin 2.1? Here’s a look at the various aspects of search engine optimisation with the associated changes. Link building a)    Pre-Penguin Scenario Website submissions were time-consuming Read More →

Internet Memes and How They Can Help Your Online Marketing by @TravinKeith

As web marketers, we’re generally expected to have a firm understanding of the web and how it works. While we may not know everything there is to it, it’s definitely a good idea to familiarize ourselves with as much of it as possible lest we lose credibility from  our clients and peers. One of those areas which I feel web marketers should spend more time Read More →

A Tale of Two of Apps: Context vs. Context by @albertcostill

Recently, I stumbled upon an article that was discussing a novel texting app called Context. The app, which was co-founded by Ben Broca of Now fame, is kinda like Snapchat. It’s a messaging app that could replace SMS by composing text and then take an image that conveys, well, the context of the message. Unlike Snapchat, however, the photos won’t vanish. So, you probably shouldn’t Read More →

Rich Snippets: The Now-You-See-Them-Now-You-Don?t Phenomenon by @rbenci

At recent search engine marketing conferences in Chicago and New York (#SESCHI  #SMXEast), Google?s Hummingbird announcement was the hot topic, generating endless buzz from industry experts and creating equal unease in the SEO community.  Hummingbird is basically a flashing neon sign announcing that Google has shifted its primary search algorithm from keyword matching to semantic search ? that semantic SEO isn?t a trend; it?s the Read More →